Same goal in new places

Montana is on fire and parts of Glacier National Park are evacuating.  That is awful for many reasons.  During my Tree Hugging Tour 2 years ago, Montana held a special place in my heart.  Actually it made it to my top five places to move to, and is number one place for me once the hot flashes begin in my life.  This road trip (Love Myself a Bit More Tour) was to peak in Montana at Bowman Lake.  On my last day of work before this road trip, I joked with my coworkers to check on my whereabouts on September 17th.  That was the day when my original schedule had me turning around to head home.  My heart wondered if I’d simply stay in Montana or keep driving toward the West Coast.

Due to circumstances out of my control, I will not be traveling further West than Spearfish, SD.  My goal at the planning of this trip was to walk in Nature and spend time with God.  I felt very close to those two things when I was in Montana in 2015.  Apparently this trip I will be meeting Nature and God in brand new places.  New areas of South Dakota, Illinois, and Kentucky have been added to my 2017 tour along with a return to Western North Carolina.

Today I explored for the first time, Turkey Run State Park nestled in Indiana.  It just so happens to be the middle point between the homes of my brothers.  This park is filled with trees that grow right out of rocks.  The message of these trees were, “I have shown you that growth can happen absolutely anywhere!  Here I thrive on this rock ledge.  You decide to thrive. Your physical situation does not determine that.” I smiled looking heavenward while silently saying,  “I hear you.”

Kristin Springfield
Choosing to thrive

Day 2 hiking and a concert!

Bloomington, Indiana has many wonderful things to offer free spirits.  There a numerous hiking trails throughout the rolling hills with magnificent trees to hug.  Those trees welcome tutus as well.   In Nashville, In there are several art studios to wander through.  I have not had any inner stirrings to paint or be creative for the past few years.  Today, I felt a joyful desire to do something creative again.  Fortunately, Brian and Pearl make beautiful pottery, and I will have the opportunity to dabble in pottery while I am here.  Our early evening included visiting a local pub with live music that started at 5 PM and ended at 7 PM.  Those times are perfect for us, as we need to settle in for a night of pizza and watch project runway.

My beloved family played a dirty trick on me today.  While I was hungry they took me into a magical grocery store filled with gluten free food options not available in Danville.  My budget may be blown before I even leave here on Monday!  Oh well, in the meantime I will enjoy cookies and treats that have not been in my life for many years.  Fig newtons, lemon shortbread cookies and delicious hazelnut dark chocolate bars, oh my.  Top that off with local wines and I am in heaven!

Kristin Springfield
Inspired, Hungry, and ready for a nap 🙂


9.5 driving time today

Day one of my trip is complete.  9.5 hours and over 500 miles later my heart feels lighter.  I landed in the home of my Brother (Brian) and Sister-in-law (Pearl) at the conclusion of today.  We have not hung out since May of 2017. It is always a treat to spend time with them.  I will be in Bloomington, IN with them until Monday. I can’t wait to see what surprises they have planned for me.  During my last visit they took me to an OcTUBAfest.  Yes,  you read that right.  I will keep you posted with pictures of our adventures.


During my travels today I enjoyed myself thoroughly.  One audio book enlightened my mind.  Hours of singing along with my favorite songs as wind blew through my hair energized my body.  A visit to a small winery close to Brian’s house soothed my spirit.


Cross Country traveler
Book Lover
Lip Sync Wizard