New Battery

 It was my last morning at my favorite ranch in South Dakota, Circle View Ranch.  I did not want to leave as I slowly walked around the house savoring the last sunrise.  This was the day my ever flexible itinerary had me driving to Nebraska.  The Escape was all packed.  After saying goodbye to my housemates and the ranch family, I jumped in the car with my book on CD selected.  I press the start button, because the car doesn’t even have a real key.  I swear, after 5 years, it still is odd not to have keys dangling by the steering column. Magically, nothing happened to the engine. A few lights came on the dash with a message to call the dealer.

Looking out the window, I take in the incredible horizon and smile.  Of course the car won’t start.  That would be the only way that I would get to spend more time at the Circle View Ranch.  The dealer informed me that a new battery was in need.  I took the steps to call AAA, which I was delighted to have renewed before this trip!  The closest help was about 2 hours away.  I am certain that the AAA call center has never heard such excitement at a long wait.

Excitedly, I returned to my friends and was happy to have a few more hours on the ranch.  In that moment, I was stranded in one of my very favorite places.  I pulled out my laptop, made coffee and set up to blog on the porch.  It was heavenly.  As the other guests left to start their adventures, I settled into relaxing.  After a few hours, the tow truck showed up, gave the car a jump and off I went.  It was all perfect in timing.  Apparently the battery had about 2 more days of life in it before it bit the dust.

While in Illinois the battery needed to be replaced.  Apparently the Escape’s placement of the battery requires damn near everything to be removed in order to get to it.  I knew that it would be interesting when 4 of the workers looked under the hood, bent down to get a better idea of what was needed to get to the batter, and all rose back up shaking their heads in wonder.  It took a team of trained workers to give my car a new battery and get it back on the road.

The entire experience is beyond interesting to me.  I took this month long trip to recharge my emotional batteries through moving my body in nature with hikes and yoga.  I made sure to surround myself with loving family and friends intermittently throughout this trip.  Additionally, there were new adventures where I made new friends and explored areas I’ve never been too.  I was in a place before my trip that was much like the car needing a jump start to get the last bit of life out of it. When I threw in the towel and surrendered to the need of an extended vacation, support came from everywhere.  My job, friends and family were amazing in helping me to make this trip happen.  This trip is similar to the car needing help from others to get the job done right.

Sometimes we need more than a jump start in life. Sitting still for awhile and allowing life to unfold before you is much like having a dead battery.  You aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well do what you can to calm down and soak up the environment.  The new battery came just before my last stop on my way home.  The new battery for the car came just as my heart, soul and body felt fully recharged with joy.  Upon arrival home, I was ready to get back in the game of my day to day life.

New batteries for me and the Escape all at the same time; I love how the Universe works.  Sometimes it really is literal, yet it still makes me smile as I shake my head.  My goal now that I have the new batteries is to make space in my life for more adventures.  We shall see what shows up now!


Kristin Springfield
Fully Recharged