New luggage for the New chapter

Many great ideas come my way when I am submerged in a hot bath. This particular evening the topic of my thoughts was about packing my car for this next chapter in my life. Most of my clothes and a few personal items will be coming with me. All of which has to fit in my car along with the dog, Journey, her items, and all things hiking. I gifted my car with a rooftop cargo carrier to store the majority of my items in order to give Journey room in the car to spread out for our VERY long car rides. While thinking of the luggage I currently have, my heart yelled, “You CAN NOT bring that luggage with you on this next chapter! New ones are required!”

The old luggage has seen many years of travel. They were in pretty good shape, but they had a story of the past that is NOT welcome in this new life chapter. I realize that wherever you go there you are and emotional baggage can come with you if you chose to bring it. Realizing that the old luggage still carried some lingering emotional baggage, I knew it was time to set them free.

One of my very favorite items to collect is tax receipts from donating to the Goodwill. I was delighted to drop off my old luggage at the closest donation spot. Those items will bring joy to another person’s life without any residual emotional garbage!

Immediately after the Goodwill stop, I marched into Marshalls and damn near skipped over to the travel section. Much to my delight, I found three of the perfect luggage pieces for my new life chapter. One of them even has passport style stamps from all over the globe on the outside of it. My heart and soul smiled brightly as I proudly loaded my new luggage which is free of emotionalĀ baggageĀ into my car.

I have been slowly packing, painting, and donating items in preparation for this leap of faith for the past month. With doing so, I have removed everything from the walls. It looks much like a fresh canvas. Initially, I was worried that a home with empty walls would cause sadness. Much to my surprise, the opposite happened. There was a constant story going on quietly in the back of my mind every time I looked at pictures or my artwork that made my mood unnecessarily heavy. It was not until everything was gone that the story stopped playing. Without the old painful stories, my whole mood lifted. I am sleeping better, I am future-focused, my chest feels open and my breath is full. This is GOOD! I may or may not ever hang those items on the walls when I find my next Youtopia.

I read somewhere to never be defined by your past; it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. I have more than served my time for my painful past; I chose to set myself free. Today I do that with new luggage!