I’ve been here before! This time it’s different!

Last yoga class taught; check. New tires; check. Last day at work; check. Car packed; check. This time: empty house; check. The last goodbye said; check. Puking joy; constant!

This leap is huge for me. Courage is needed regularly now. My need for security is freaking out, which leads to stomach issues. I am leaving everything I have known most of my adult life for the great unknown. Yet above all the fear, there is no doubt that I am doing exactly what I need to do for my highest good.
Life as I knew it fell apart 3 and 1/2 years ago, which left me without a place to call home. In essence, I felt homeless. I had a place to sleep, but not a place to call home. Today I voluntarily leave a wonderful place I call home for the great unknown and feel amazing at the same time. I have no idea where my next physical home will be, and I am good with that. Along my journey, I have learned that home is within me, and I carry that with me no matter what the environment looks like. 
This last month in Danville, I have spent time saying goodbye. I imagined initially that I wanted to visit places before I left the area. Actually, my desire was to spend time with people who made this chapter of life amazing. People are more comfortable telling you

what they really think of you when they don’t plan on seeing you again. The messages I have received have brought tears to my eyes more than I thought possible. Their thoughts of me are loving in a way that makes my heart burst wide open. This type of tears I welcome, for I have always thought I was invisible. Apparently, I am not.
I work with incredible people. One young woman, who holds a special place in my heart, I told her something that I wish I had fully understood at 21. “You are loved more than you can possibly imagine by more people than you are aware of. Pause, take a look around you and witness your light. Above all DO NOT settle!” I cried as I tried to express my midlife knowledge. I hope it landed on her and the rest of the people who are so special to me.

I set off in the morning for the great unknown. I have done this before, only this time I am different and so are the circumstances. My beloved friend is moving into my home. My amazing dog, Journey, is joining me. This time I have no idea where I will land, but I do believe I am fully ready for a new life chapter. My friends will love me forever no matter where I land, as I will love them. That is what true loving connection is all about. My first 3 stops are dedicated to soaking up family love from Mom and my brothers! I can’t imagine a more perfect way to start unemployment!

Kristin Springfield
Leap of Faith
Courageous One