I made it to The Surrender Adventure

2300 miles and 36 hours of driving later, I made it to Moab just in time for my birthday!  The past week has been dedicated to filling up my love tank from family and friends in an effort to not lose my mind after moving without a real plan on what I will do next.  This is by far the bravest thing I have done in awhile, as I have no plan on what I am doing as of April 19th.

I landed in Moab and jumped right into a hug from my favorite friend in Utah, Erin!  We met about 3 years ago when I stayed in her Airbnb during my Tree hugging tour, which was the last crazy brave thing I did.  We have been bosom buddies ever since.  This is actually my 4th time out to Moab.

As soon as I crossed the state line after taking a selfie with the sign (of course), I danced in delight!  After returning to the car and turning the radio back on, I burst into tears.  These were tears of joy and relief.  This new chapter has been a long time coming.  Love and support have shown up everywhere, as well as in the unexpected places.

I was contemplating a name for this chapter of my Womanly Journey and the only word that keeps coming up is SURRENDER!  I am surrendering my past, for I have done all the work I can with it.  It is time to set it down and move on.  I am surrendering my future to God/Universe, for I am open to new experiences that I can’t imagine possible.  I am surrendering to the present, for my goal is to be here now.

Today I turn 46.  This is the best time of my life!  Stay tuned for tales from this Surrender Adventure.


Kristin Springfield
Fabulous at 46

Taking the high road

While visiting Brian and Pearl (brother & sister-in-law) in Bloomington, IN we hiked in several areas.  One hike, in particular, was by a lake with two path options, the high and low road.  Deciding to hug the lake meant taking the low road.  It was beautifully muddy and refreshing to run along the water’s edge.  We came to the halfway point with a bench to look over the water to solve the world problems.  In the midst of our silly discussions, we talked about the value in taking the high road in life and do what you feel is right in your heart, while remembering the high road is actually just the top side of the ditch.  Laughing we decided to take the path known as the high road on the way back to the car.  We joked aloud wondering if the high road path would provide all the insight we looked for or if it would be a disappointment resembling the transition to adulthood.

The weather that day was overcast and chilly with little hope of a sunny sky.  As we took the high road path we spoke of the differences in perspective offered on this path.  You could see more of the lake.  You could see more of the entire landscape.  We joked about the air quality, and just at that moment, the sun came out.  The clouds parted allowing the warm sun to shine through for the rest of our walk.  All joking aside, the Universe tends to respond favorably when you take the high road in life.  Yet it is also important to remember that everyone’s version of the high road is different.  Right now my high road is literally a highway!