My life thrives in companionship

Companionship is the feeling of fellowship, the feeling of friendship, the feeling of closeness.  The past 3 weeks I have been relishing in companionship.  My dear friend, Erin, allowed Journey and I to stay in her camper right next to her home in Moab during that time.  We worked together, cooked together, hiked together, enjoyed disco spin, laughed and shared stories daily and honestly loved every minute of it!  We quickly fell into a routine that supported our individual needs of time together and time apart.

I have great friendships, yet this was something completely different.  Daily companionship, sharing the workload of life, while having shared interests was spectacular.   Having someone look out for me, include me in their life’s business, joyfully sharing their home, their friends and taking me to their favorite places truly touched my soul.  Tears come to my eyes as I write this.  I realize that companionship is what makes my life thrive, and want to have that in the future.

I left Erin to begin my journey to Sioux Falls, SD for the summer.  Along the way, I stopped to gather up more companionship from a high school friend, and to spend 2 nights at the Circle View Ranch.  This ranch is special to me in so many ways.  First, it is where Jack the Jackass who kissed me a few years ago when I needed it most.  Second, this family welcomes me in a way that touches my heart.  They included me in feeding their baby calf immediately. I was then picked up by the young 10-year-old girl, who reminds me of how much strength and freedom lives within every woman, to escort me in style on the farm 4-wheeler to see Jack, my favorite jackass.

All of my choices led me to where I am today.  As I finally recognize the companionship all around me, I am delighted with every single choice I have ever made.  Some have been so damaging and heartbreaking.  Yet those choices cracked the frightened exterior of my heart and now the light shines for all to see; including me.  Companionship over the past 3 weeks has me thriving in a whole new way!


Kristin Springfield
Joyful One