When you don’t know what to do…..

Embracing this new gypsy style life includes plenty of unknowns.  I am halfway through my assignment in lovely Sioux Falls.  It has been amazing for the first half and I am positive the last half will bring just as much magic!  At the same time, I have NO idea what is next.  It is not time to plan for my next assignment because my available start date is too far out for the jobs listed currently.  So what should I do?  It is not an emergency, yet I can feel the panic turning up the volume every passing day.

My only obligation is to be present and enjoy now.  That certainly sounds simple enough, right?  My inner panic is trying to kick into high gear!  Panic is busy yelling about where will you live next, and will there be enough money to eat.  Thankfully I turn to my heart for guidance rather than allowing my panicking 7-year-old self to call the shots.  With the help of a very trusted friend, I received a wonderful lesson to consider in times like this, and my heart sang!

The first step, check to make sure the situation is not an emergency.  This is certainly not an emergency.

The second step, when you don’t know what to do, do nothing.

Nothing is required of me at this moment.  Life, Spirit, God and/or the Universe have a way of working things out and bringing exactly what is needed at the right time as long as I get out of the way. Doing nothing for me really means get out of the way and stop thinking so much!  That is easier said than done, but worth it every time I actually pull it off.

In the meantime of doing nothing, I plan to ride my new bike to the 605 Summer Classic music festival coming up this weekend in downtown Sioux Falls!


Kristin Springfield
getting busy doing nothing
Let Go, Let God