Finding home

Doing nothing brought about an opportunity for me to stay in Sioux Falls, SD until October!  This makes my heart sing so loudly.  Surrendering to whatever may come sounds all fabulous and delightful, but for me, it takes great courage, lots of workouts and daily meditations.  Literally, out of nowhere, I received a phone call to interview for a temp job that earlier in the week had decided to go with someone who could start earlier.  Apparently, that did not work out for the company and within moments of the phone interview the director and I hit it off. I knew that this was the position I wanted in the city I have grown so fond of.  Perfection!

I have been in Sioux Falls just about 9 weeks and I love it here.  What is it that makes this place so perfect for me right now?  The couple I live with, Jess and Tom is the main reason.  They not only opened their room for me to live in, they have invited me to share life with them in a wonderful loving home!  We share cooking each week.  It is fantastic to have a reciprocal experience with cooking!  It is great cooking for them and then to experience being cooked for. It lightens the load for all of us and we are happy to do it!   They have no idea how much that means to me. Having someone to say good morning to and to hear have a great day makes life sweeter.  Just renting a room in this home has brought life back to parts of me I thought died long ago.  It is refreshing and at times brings tears to my eyes.

It has been several years since I lived in a happy home.  Now that I am back in one, I am not quite ready to leave it.  Certainly, I can find another great place to rent, but I feel home lives here.  Thankfully, Jess and Tom were up for keeping me a little bit longer.  They have a phenomenal relationship.  Quite honestly, I have plenty of experience in unhealthy relationships.  Witnessing a healthy loving one first hand is spectacular.  Not only do they love each other, they respect, look out for and enjoy each other all the while they have separate and share interests.  They have not lost or sacrificed a sense of themselves in order to be in the relationship.  Fascinating!

A few other things that make this place good for me are people and activities.  I have met so many great people here who are not just nice; they are kind! This time of year, Sioux Falls is filled with festivals, great weather, music and outdoor patio bars. Just today I enjoyed a downtown parade, live music, Falls Park, lunch at the diner and a cider at Remedy with a new friend who has lived here all of their life.  The stories are so different than where I grew up.  By the time I leave here I hope to be able to talk about the location of things using North, South, East, and West correctly!  So that when a patient tells me their room is on the east side of the house I will know where to look because right now I have no idea where to go.

I am excited to experience fall here as well.  The tree-lined streets are delightful with their bright green leaves.  The color change in the fall should be equally spectacular.  Then I will bounce out of here before the snow stars.  Yes, that could be considered cheating, but I am okay with that!

At the end of the day, if Jess and Tom could not keep me until October, I would not have stayed in Sioux Falls.  They make this experience worthwhile as I continue to come home to myself.

Thank you so much, Jess and Tom!


Kristin Springfield
Grateful Housemate
Surrendering one breath at a time