The lessons of Sioux Falls, SD

My time in Sioux Falls, SD is coming to a close. I have visited here 3 times, yet something in me wanted to live here for longer than a weekend.  I am delightedly grateful that opportunity presented itself in April.   I have had an amazing time here. The lessons are many! Let’s review what I learned or remembered while living here:

  1. I love living with people who are kind
  2. Hearing and saying “Good Morning”, “Have a great day”, “Good night”, “Coffee is ready” makes life so much more enjoyable to live
  3. Riding my bike from Spoke-N-Sport with streamers is joyful.  Having Journey run along beside me is even better.
  4. Sparkle encrusted glasses make sight more fun.  My prescription changed just enough to warrant new glasses.  When I put on my new specs, the world literally came into amazing focus.  Funny how that works!
  5. Taking myself on dates is a great practice and empowering.  Being a single woman has its’ peaks and valleys, yet I am determined to not let my relationship status dictate my adventures.  I found myself looking forward to solo dates.  I went wherever I wanted whenever I wanted and met incredible people along the way.  It turns out that it is fun dressing up no matter what.  Looks like, I may finally be embracing the desires of the young spirit that lives inside of me!
  6. Just go to the events you want to regardless.  This town is riddled with music festivals all summer long. The perk is that I ride my bike to many of them.  Yes, I have lights on the bike for my safe night time riding.
  7. I thrive in full family infiltration.  I rent a room from the most amazing couple in all of the land; Tom and Jessica Ries.  They are now my Sioux Falls family along with all of their family and friends.  This feeling of inclusion is by far the way I want to live my life.  I look forward to finding an Arizona family to take me in for the winter!
  8. Live music in a small bar is sweet!  If you get to Sioux Falls, be sure to visit Ferson on 8th on Friday’s, Remedy on 8th and Railroad on Saturday (well, any day is great there), and Bin 201.  I look forward to coming back ASAP; in the summer of course.  
  9. A thorough orientation is mandatory to set me up for success.  Because I have only worked for 3 companies during my 24-year career, I forgot how important the orientation is.  They may be boring, but make all the difference in the world when I have to get up to speed quickly.  
  10. I am a kinesthetic learner, MUST have an example, and have to perform the task at least once for it to stick.  You can talk to me all day long, but if I don’t actually do the task or play the game, you have wasted your breath.  
  11. Cooking and eating as a family makes eating worthwhile.  It has been delightful cooking for Tom and Jessica.  We have shared recipes and exposed each other to new things.  Apparently, I like to bake.  That is something I did not notice until Jess pointed it out.  What I really like is to eat sweets.  Since I am gluten free, tasty items need to be homemade.  
  12. First dates are educational for certain!  I have had a number of first dates over the past 6 months.  They have all been interesting to say the very least.  There are many things that should not be shared in the first 15 minutes of meeting someone. 
  13. Do NOT let someone leave ANYTHING with you before the 5th date.  It just makes it awkward.
  14. CH Patisserie has the very best macaroons I have ever had.  Vanilla and pistachio are the flavors I could consume all day!
  15. Biking in a dress is best with bike shorts.
  16. Amazon Prime is worth the money.
  17. AMT (Amy Miller Training) Yoga sculpt classes create results that are amazing, remember to take days off, or your body will scream at you
  18. Massages are worth the time and money when doing AMT 5 days a week
  19. Bean Bag tournaments are so much fun even when you suck at it
  20. Inclusion matters, so does exclusion.  Both say something to the person involved, be considerate and mindful of the message you send.
  21. Catan, Ticket to Ride and card games create a connection like nothing else can.  I lived with gamers (not the video kind)
  22. Marissa Reveland is amazing!  She is my recruiter and lifesaver from Med Travelers.
  23. Allowing space for loved ones to show up however and whenever they want to is very difficult, but necessary for growth.  Just keep breathing while you wait with the door to your heart open.
  24. Being ghosted hurts. Tell people when you are not interested 
  25. The Marco Polo app has allowed me to stay super connected with friends all over the country in a way that works for us.  Add the helium voice to the message and I am laughing for days.
  26. Comedy specials get me through some of the tough moments.
  27. Be still, breathe, and set yourself free.
  28. Nobody is watching or really cares about what you are doing.  Just live your life

I look forward to what the next 6 months have in store for me!


Kristin Springfield