Oasis in the desert

I am back in Moab after spending 5 months in Sioux Falls, SD.  It feels simply spectacular to be back here.  This place is where peace washes over me with a force that can’t be ignored.  My beloved friend, Erin, has created a place for me to call my desert home.  The experience of being here allows the lingering worries to be washed away.  This trip provided the opportunity to literally do just that.

Erin takes me on incredible hikes that seem to always end in a delightful oasis that only the locals know.  This means that we rarely see people and have opportunities to swim and sunbathe without interruption.  We went on two hikes along the Mill Creek trail, each ending at a pool of waterfalls.  The water was freezing!  Actually, it made the “ceremony” more invigorating.   Submerging yourself in cold water has a way of making you let go of all that does not serve you.  You are completely present in what you are doing at that moment.  There is no room for the mental garbage that may have made it along the hike with you.

I set an intention just before stepping into the cold waters, “I release all that does not serve me.  I set free all of the emotional demons that continue to suffocate my joy.  I honor and let go of the old wounds, for they no longer need to set the pace of my present.”  Squealing with delight, a touch of fear, and exasperation of the sensation of the cold, I stepped into the water.  Erin guided me through the navigation of this particular spot in an effort to prevent injury on the slippery rocks.  Having a loving guide makes releasing something easier.  Placing my hands on the side walls of this water channel, I took a deep breath as I thought of my intention, and submerged my entire body into the water.  The rush of water over my head, past my ears, and over my body felt amazing in every way imaginable.  Standing back up to catch my breath,  I hollered with relief as my eyes returned to Erin.  She was cheering me on just as I did for her moments before.

We laughed like little girls and enjoyed each moment.  Drying out in the sun provided the opportunity to share how we have grown and fallen more in love with our authentic selves.  Funny, how it takes about 40 years to do so!

The next day we hiked to the other side of the creek to a different waterfall area where the water was somewhat warmer due to the flow path over slick rock.  I could barely tell the difference, but gladly accepted a few degrees more of warmth.  This new oasis invited another submerging experience.  This time my intention was about allowing love to flow into my life.  As I stood in this new place my intention flowed with ease to my heart. “I open my heart to love and invite all that is meant to come into my life to nourish my highest self.”

Again, Erin coached me through this new waterfall with love and kindness.  There was squealing and laughter just as I submerged myself into this cleansing experience.  As I stood up, I faced the sun with my eyes closed and a smile on my face after I caught my breath, gratitude and pure joy filled me completely.  Gratitude has never felt so good!

I have no idea if this feeling is peace, but I really like it!

Truly Loving This Moment,