Settling in with gratitude!

Journey and I are settling into our new “home”.  We have found places to hike, parks to yoga in and a home where we are adored.  Work can always be tricky for a temporary employee.  This new assignment started a week ago, and my mind is completely blown away!  I stepped into the office to be greeted by a team of happy faces, laughter, and kindness.  This was such a breath of fresh air.  As it is not always a welcoming experience when a temporary person walks on to the job.  After a tour of the office, my seat was pointed out, where I found a frame with all new employees names featured.  Mine was included in the list, and the spelling was correct!  At my seat was everything I would need to succeed in orientation.  My heart began to swell with delight and I could feel the tears coming behind my eyes.  When I learned that all meals during our first few days of orientation were provided along with a personal travel coffee mug, the tears escaped.  I apologized to my new boss as she smiled and let me know I was okay.  She went a step further to make sure I knew how glad they are to have me on their team.

Such kindness in the workplace makes my heart sing.  My life experiences have brought me to a place where the VERY simple gestures of life filled with compassion, consideration, and kindness are so deeply appreciated.  There were times in my life that I would have not have described this orientation as extravagant and it certainly would not have brought tears to my eyes.    Is this shift due to a personal history of being shit on in the professional and personal environment?  Maaayyyybeee.   Yet, it is wonderful evolving into a person who is grateful for the small things in life.  I have come to a place where I truly understand it really is the small things that people do that create the most impact.  I chose to focus on the loving gestures coming my way.

Thank you Bayada Home Health Care for treating me with such compassion, and creating an environment where I am welcome.

Simple gestures matter!

Forever Grateful