Let’s get settled!

This gypsy-like lifestyle is filled with positives for someone like me.  Yet there is the part of traveling and discovering new places that can be completely exhausting!  The amount of brain power required at every waking moment is enough to wear even me down, and I am a Springfield for crying out loud!  The Springfield clan is known for their insane amount of energy, and I usually hit my energetic wall within the first 21 days of any new place.

Having a home in the same town for years offers thought free opportunities that I completely took for granted!  In a new place, there is never a moment when I can just go on automatic pilot.  I have no idea where anything is anywhere at all!  It takes 3 times as long to grocery shop because I have no clue where they keep the gluten-free bread if they even have any!  I hardly know my way around the town, it takes much longer to plot my errands and efficiency might as well be thrown out of the window!

Here are a few things required to create a sense of comfort for me:

  • a place to call home with an opportunity for “Full Family Infiltration”
  • a grocery store that has all the items for a gluten-free life
  • a hairdresser
  • a gym or place to sweat
  • a place to yoga whether that is a studio or a park is irrelevant,
  • a coffee spot
  • a wine spot
  • a friend to enjoy the new area with
  • to feel like I am actually getting the hang of all things at work

Some of the items on that list come easily and quickly.  Yet others may never happen.  To make matters more complicated, I thrive on efficiency!  I look at everything, literally everything, for ways to be more efficient and effective.  In the first 3 weeks, I feel like I am moving through sludge.  Everything is slow, new and foreign.   So I work to create a foundation of safety and efficiency in order to get busy on peaceful exploration.

I am delighted that after 3 weeks I have found many of the things that gift me with a sense of comfort and it feels amazing!  Thankfully, this assignment is 6 months, and I won’t have to reestablish my “home” until then.  In the meantime, I intend to devour all the amazing things this area has to offer and breathe while I enjoy taking for granted that I now know where my bread is in the grocery store that I can efficiently drive to in less than 10 minutes!

Settling in nicely,