Work gratitude update

Bayada Home Care continues to amaze me!  I started my new travel position in October and was blown away by the kindness in the first three days.  To be honest it is easy on the front end of any relationship to be kind, helpful and positive.  The “real” life of any relationship shows up as the newness wears off.  

Here I am starting my 10th week in this assignment and the newness has worn off.  I have a loose grasp on how each day is to run and can now navigate through the documentation system relatively well.  As a traveling therapist, I am only with a work team for 13 to 25 weeks, depending on the assignment.  As travelers, we are often NEVER included in any staff meetings, work functions, and certainly rarely recognized for our contribution.  That is not because a team or company is mean, it is due to the expense of a temporary worker as well as the fact that we leave.  

Life is very different here with Bayada in wonderful ways!  I have been invited to attend weekly staff meetings that include team building aspects besides patient care planning called the Bayada Way.  I have been invited to fun work functions.  At the first one the entire focus was on staff recognition.  It was wonderful learning the stories of the team member’s contributions.  It shocked me when the traveling therapists were also personally recognized!  We were invited to stand in front of the group while Brandy, the director, said positive things about each one of us.  That simply does not happen, or hasn’t in the past.

Just this week there was a Gratitude party.  The owner of Bayada gifted every staff member with a gratitude check based on years with the company.  This was generous and very touching to listen to the commitment of the owner’s dedication to his team and purpose!  When I too received a gratitude gift of $50, those familiar tears bubbled up behind my eyes.  When I gathered myself, I went to thank Brandy for this generous and unnecessary gift.  She hugged me and smiled while saying, “We wouldn’t be where we are without you.”  I shook my head in disbelief.  Immediately my mind went into a tailspin trying to discredit her comment with nonsense like: “Of course they would be where they are without you.  You don’t matter to them.  You are just temporary and still calling for guidance daily!  She is just being nice.”  My smiling heart had something completely different to say, “See that, you do make a positive difference that is recognized!”   I am listening to my heart and going to buy a wonderful bottle of wine with that gratitude gift!  

This assignment has taught me not only about being a better clinician, but about the power of gratitude, appreciation, and recognition.  Just last week, I had the privilege of leading the team building Bayada Way portion of the meeting.  For those of you who have ever worked with me know that it was a good time filled with stories and laughter!  I was reminded of how much fun it is to facilitate a meeting.  Thank you, Brandy and Bayada, for all you do.  Your integrity with authentically living the values you say you strive for is inspirational and an amazing example!


Kristin Springfield, OT
Forever Grateful