Meet Kristin

Kristin Springfield

I have acquired many roles along my life journey. I am a woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, employee, manager, motivator, teacher, student, artist, free spirit, occupational therapist and many more.  A common thread in all of my roles is a desire to elevate self esteem.

In college, my course of study was occupational therapy. Increasing independence through activity is the underlying goal of OT.  I found through my years of practice I enjoyed having a hand in returning people to their independent selves.   My patients recognized they had within them what was needed to heal; I was simply a facilitator in their journey.

Looking closer at moments in my life when I feel I am at my best, my core purpose comes into focus.   I experience great joy when I see a person feel better about him/her self than they usually do. The look on their face, the way they carry themselves, and the things they say at the moment when they return to their true self is so rewarding.   Witnessing the moment when a person connects with their greatness and sees that they are a wonderful person as they are,  simply warms my soul.   I am honored when given the opportunity to play a small part in raising the self esteem in others.

Along my journey, I noticed many women, including myself, suffer from low self esteem, negative self talk, self-defeating behaviors, poor choices, anxiety and depression, to name a few.  I decided to take steps in order to return to my true self.  Along the way, my self esteem expands and grows. With greater self esteem, I have been able to move through this world differently – more joyfully and peacefully.  I have learned many valuable lessons that I want to pass onto others.  Women I have worked with shared with me that elevating their self esteem transformed areas of their lives as well.  I simply knew there had to be a better way to learn then going through it all firsthand!

The original inspirational gift was a charm bracelet I created and gave to my daughter, Mackenzie.  It provided a reminder that she would always have everything she needs inside her.  This gift encouraged her to look within and decide what was right for her, rather than looking outside for the answers. I noticed that the simple messages and symbols offered great support to Mackenzie.  Womanly Journey was officially born.

Womanly Journey offers another option to the overwhelming negativity we face daily.  Making a positive impact on the self esteem of women and girls will transform the world!  When a woman moves through her life focused on being her best self, she then allows others the space and opportunity to do the same.  Helping a woman to “come home to her best self” promotes inner peace and radiates love.  She then is able to make decisions that are in alignment with her true self.

I don’t claim to be able to give you self esteem.  That is something that comes from within.   It is with great pleasure that I offer a variety of avenues to tell a woman or girl just how important and valued she is.   Womanly Journey brings simplicity to loving you!   Surround yourself with positivity, open your heart, and watch the magic happen!”

One tiny pebble thrown into water creates ripples far beyond the point of contact.  Together we can throw pebbles of positivity into negative waters and make an impact that reaches further than you can imagine!  I am a woman with a great desire to be the pebble in the pond creating ripples of loving self esteem in all women. Womanly Journey is my positive pebble.

The Purpose

The VISION is to inspire emotional transformation in order to achieve the highest possible self esteem!  This occurs through the use of jewelry, inspirational gifts, speaking engagements, and all imaginable creative endeavors.

The Goal

The goal of Womanly Journey is to flood our culture with positive options for women and girls.  Your help is required to accomplish this.  Womanly Journey is searching for motivated people, organizations, and companies who are dedicated to making a difference.   Kristin is reaching out through speaking engagements, custom charm design, inspirational gifts, blog posts, and wants to expand in more avenues in order to reach her goals.

Join forces with Womanly Journey and make a positive impact!

The next step is to reach out to Kristin and start creating your positive pebble.

Womanly Journey Gifts are designed to:

  • Celebrate the journey of being a woman.
  • Inspire others to believe in who they are.
  • Create a culture where people move forward in their individual lives with a great sense of self esteem.
  • Remind you that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine.
  • Remember that you are believed in and have greatness that is recognized by those who know you authentically.
  • Provide a quiet, personal reminder to honor you in order to make an impact in a way that is profound.
  • Give women the strength to stay true to themselves even when it is not comfortable.