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I have acquired many roles along my life journey.  Yet mostly I am traveling on my own Womanly Journey in order to live the most authentic life possible.  In doing so I have found a common thread in all of my roles; The desire to empower.

In college, my course of study was occupational therapy. Increasing independence through activity is the underlying goal of OT.  I found through my years of practice I enjoyed having a hand in returning people to their independent selves.   My patients recognized they had within them what was needed to heal; I was simply a facilitator in their journey.

Looking closer at moments in my life when I feel I am at my best, my core purpose comes into focus.  Witnessing the moment when a person connects with their greatness and sees that they are a wonderful person as they are,  simply warms my soul.   I am honored when given the opportunity to play a small part in raising the well being in others.

Along my journey, I noticed many women, including myself, suffer from low esteem, negative self talk, self-defeating behaviors, poor choices, anxiety and depression, to name a few.  I decided to take steps in order to return to my true self.

This is where the authentic blogging with a bracelet come in.  I quit my life as I previously designed it in order to find my authentic life.  This empowered blog brings you along this journey with me.  I write to connect with others.  There may be something in my writing that resonates with you.  Comments are encouraged as we are on this life journey together.  The bracelet is a bonus.  It is an external reminder to love your self completely as you are right now on this journey!

I invite you to join me on this journey!  The better we feel about ourselves the greater the impact is on everyone we interact with.


Kristin Springfield

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