What is Womanly Journey and who is Kristin Springfield?

Womanly Journey started 10 years ago with one desire:  To make a positive impact on the self esteem of women and girls of all ages.  This is accomplished through an authentic EmPOWERed Blog, books, coaching, and a bracelet!

Kristin springfieldI notice many women, including myself,  suffer(ed) from low self esteem, negative self talk, self-defeating behaviors, poor choices, anxiety and depression, to name a few. Along my journey to healing my heart and soul, I decided to be authentic and vulnerable while sharing my story with the world.  While writing vulnerably I noticed something amazing begin to shift.  Authentic connection began to show up everywhere in what seemed to be random places.  In this style of connection, the relationship and interactions flow and create something long lasting and positive.  Taking the leap of faith to be authentically me while investing in myself fully changed my life!  My journey has similar elements to the journey of others.  We have all had our hearts broken, had life’s curve balls derail our plans, and stood back up to keep going. I quit my job and toured around the US to connect with nature.  Along that trip, I fell in love with my highest self, finally.  I am committed to being authentic, vulnerable and loving with a splash of adventure while being my very best self.

This is where life gets real for Kristin Springfield. Womanly Journey has evolved into a something I never imagined. I have taken the leap of faith and share the vulnerable parts of my personal Womanly Journey with the world.  My goal is to make sure my journey somehow enriches the lives of others.  The pain I have been through must be of greater good for others, for what’s the point in going through it if it does not resonate with another?   I love myself more today than yesterday while thriving in newly discovered authentic and loving self beliefs!

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Kristin Springfield