My graduation day is set!

July 25, 2015

Montana Kristin SpringfieldIt is official!  I am graduation from my employment on August 28, 2015!  The excitement and panic remind me of the day I graduated from college ready to begin my career as an occupational therapist.  I am now graduating from that career and setting myself on a Womanly Journey just for my growth.  Many new names bubble to the surface as I share my quests that are fitting Soul Journey, Glitter Rush, Sabbatical, midlife crisis, and the adventure of a lifetime.  Now that I have, your attention let me share where I am today.

I have taken an amazing leap by quitting my job with only one purpose; I desire to remember whom I am and love her completely.  I have come to a crossroad and need to take this risk.  I want to get back to the very basics and travel this amazing country to hug all the trees I can.  When I was a little girl, one of my favorite activities was to be outside running and playing around trees.  I used to climb trees in my grandparents yard and could not wait for the tree in my own yard to grow so I could sit up high in it.  Walking in the woods over the past year has brought such peace to my soul, that I want more time surrounded by nature.

I am taking a minimum of 6 months off from any career.  My amazing friend and financial adviser set forth two objectives for my adventure.  He said that while on this journey I need to quiet my mind and pay attention to what brings me joy.  If I find something that brings me joy and passion, I am to figure out how to make money doing it.  If I do not find that on my trip, he explained that was okay, yet I could not return to full time work until I did.  If you want his number, let me know!

Timing is everything isn’t it.  My final day as a regional manager for a wonderful company is August 28.  That is the day my daughter returns home after her summer of working in Florida.  The following week I accompany her to the beginning of her new life in Rhode Island.  I have the privilege of loving her as she spreads her wings of independence.  I return home to friends and loved ones who will support me as I spread my wings of independence while setting forth on my self-discovery journey.

There will be blog posts and pictures along the way.  Stay tuned to learn more.  My intention is to share the transformational experiences that guided me to this moment, for I did not wake up one day and look for my life to unravel.  I do believe there is the opportunity for connection with others when sharing authentically.  I am so gracious for where is this unraveling is leading me.  I do not know where I will end up or what I will do for a living at the conclusion of this journey.  This is the most unorthodox experience I have ever decided to take.  Follow along or join me on the road!  I am excited to pick the pieces of myself up along the way.


Krazy K


Life’s Crossroads to freedom

intersectionJuly 4, 2015

The crossroads to freedom required some personal risk.  Therefore, what is risk and how do you know when it is time to take it?  I can tell you that wherever this authentic womanly journey takes me is worth every bit of risk required!  I have chosen to live my life following my authentic self and heart.  My goal for the past 8 years has been to be the very best me.  If I spend my time focused on being my best self, then all things seem to fall into place.  That does not mean that I try to be the best or that this goal is easy.  There is comparison or competition between others and myself.  I simply want to love myself fully and live my unique life aloud without fear.  My journey on the way to being my best self has been twisted and filled with surprises.  Joy, love, fear and heartache have frequented my path.  Yet, I needed every single one of those steps along the twisted path to get where I am today.

I see now that I stand at a crossroad.  It almost feels literal at times.  Life I am walking on a dirt path and come to an intersection with four choices.  There is a path to the left, right, straight ahead and the opportunity to turn around.  I can choose to dance in place or dress up the intersection, but it is still an intersection.  In order to move forward, I must first make a choice and second take the risk while moving in that chosen direction.

A friend once told me, you know that it is time to take the risk when you realize that you are no longer afraid of what the destination will hold or look like, yet you know deep in your bones that it is better than where you are right now.  I am there!  I am excited to see what this Womanly Journey will hold for me next!  Stay tuned for tales of freedom!


Kristin Springfield

Life’s Curve Ball


curveballPosted on: March 7, 2015 •

Life threw me a curve ball!  That curve ball produced major changes in my life including, but not limited to, an address change, the ending of a sacred relationship, a career shift, and the need to rebuild my life as a whole.  There is nothing quite like realizing that the person you love is no longer interested in being your partner.  Yet this has brought such understanding in regards to the pain others have experienced due to my decisions.  A new level of compassion has arrived in my life.  Because of this, I have delivered numerous authentic apologies.  It is surprising to experience such a deep sense of gratitude for this life shift.

A wonderful boy asked me if I would be staying in my new home permanently.  I paused and realized I did not intend to ever live in this home alone.  I replied saying that I only live here now because life threw me a curve ball and I intend to stay until I receive the next one.

Surrender and stillness are present in my life now.  This life shift produces so much joy and sadness at the same time that it is indescribable. Trying not to live in the past or worry about the future is truly challenging.  Tears show up everywhere. Yet the feeling beneath the tears is changing.  They started out as devastation from the loss and the fear of being completely alone now that my daughter has gone to college and the group of people I called family no longer live with me.  The reality facing me now is that I have two dogs to come home to.  Thank God for the unconditional love of dogs!  The sadness tears evolved into tears of gratitude.  Support continues to show up in the most unsuspected ways and from the most surprising people.  I have learned to embrace the love and kindness that show up in my life regardless of where it comes from.

This curve ball is a life’s way of kicking my ass onto a new path. I got the message!  Now I just work on healing my broken heart, loving myself as I am right now, and opening my life to embrace simple joys.  We all have experienced the curve balls of life.  What we do with them is important.  For me, I choose to focus on emotionally traveling to where I abandoned my true self  so many years ago, picking up all the pieces of her that I left behind, and being curious about living life fully as my highest self will look like.

What has your healing response to a life curve ball been?  Please share, as we have so much to offer one another!


Kristin Springfield

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Karen Jones This is why I will ALWAYS love my friend.

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 10:36am

Mindy Warren I have had so many curve balls, I could fill this post with them but I know without a doubt you will come out of this stronger and even more amazing! No need to waste another day on someone who doesn’t want 100 percent of all you are and all you have to give!

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 10:45am


Heidi Demasi Thanks for this. I have been going through similar things for a while and have not been able to put it out there. The people close to me know, but I otherwise live as if everything is okay. It’s not, but it will be. Bless you Kristin!

Unlike · Reply · Message · 4 · March 8 at 10:46am

Womanly Journey I realize that I need the support of more friends. That means I have to be vulnerable and put this out there. I believe that working together with those who truly care about you, we can get through ANYTHING!

Like · Reply · 3 · Commented on by Kristin Springfield · March 8 at 10:49am

Cathy Wadsworth Jones Curve balls are so hard in the beginning. They can make us stronger and wiser. I wish that address was closer so we could see each other more often! Love you!

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 10:53am

Shanna C Wright Prayers Kristen! Well written post; you are definitely not alone

Unlike · Reply · Message · 3 · March 8 at 11:13am

Rachel Griffith Such wisdom and grace on your path. Curve ball- I no longer have my own business. I work for a great place now and it has benefits, but my goal of being with Zeph as much as I planned shifted dramatically. I still get hit with sadness and guilt. Ethan is spending 6 months in another country and i am still not used to his absence and that my time with him as a high schooler and life as we knew it is gone.. My goal to be present and enjoy and express joy in relationships I value most. Not hide because I am overwhelmed or disappointed.

Unlike · Reply · Message · 3 · March 8 at 11:14am

Womanly Journey Sending much love your way Rachel Griffith! Courage looks great on everyone. It just looks different for each person

d on by Kristin Springfield · March 8 at 11:17am

Rachel Griffith Love to you too smile emoticon

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 11:25am

Melanie L Arroyo Hugs from afar my love! You should plan a trip to our house in the mountains this year! Welcome anytime!!! Amazing experience!

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 2:30pm

Deana Barbour Lacks I feel I’m the queen of curveballs…just know that God loves you and you have a light that is always present around you , every time I see you my spirit is always lifted…you have a gift , love you.

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 3:29pm

Womanly Journey Thank you so much for all of the support and kindness. Again, it is amazing to experience such love and kindness! It comes in the most interesting ways from amazing people!

Like · Reply · Commented on by Kristin Springfield · March 8 at 3:31pm

Brenna Wilkerson Brewer I love you and am here for you.

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 8 at 8:38pm

Lori O’Brien Kristen, I am so sorry and so shocked. I have a special place in my heart for you two and it isnt right to picture you apart. I too have been thrown a curve ball. I shrunk from outing myself to those who were not close enough to watch it happening . Y…See More

Unlike · Reply · Message · 1 · March 8 at 11:32pm

Bev Shelton Wilkerson I am sure you will make lemonade from these lemons. And it will be delicious! You are inspiring, even in trying times. Love and prayers…

Unlike · Reply · Message · 2 · March 9 at 7:06am

Meredith ORourke You are an incredible woman. You were at 16 and you are now. God has you. You have God. One day at a time. Xoxo

Like · Reply · Message · 2 · March 9 at 10:19pm