The mind just got kicked out of the driver’s seat!

The mind just got kicked out of the driver’s seat!

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Posted on: October 17, 2015 • 1 Comment

I put my heart in the driver’s seat of my life and my mind is having a full on temper tantrum!  These last 4 days in Sedona have been a concentrated elixir for my soul.  This entire journey has given my heart and soul fuel to thrive.  Meanwhile, my mind is going into overdrive to regain power.  The mind’s panic button has been pushed.  The negative messages have tried to come flooding in.  However, I already let them all go in the river.  Up until now, it took a great deal of effort to navigate the insane messages.  Today, I can just focus on breathing and give my heart room to speak.

My mind seems to get pissy with the breathing technique.  It screams that it can NOT be that easy.  Where are the complicated math problems and elaborate projects to prove your worth?  When is comes right down to it, if I just pause and breathe deeply a few times magic has the opportunity to happen.  Within the moments of presence, my heart has a chance to be heard before my mind attempts to shut me down.

I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between the message from my heart and my mind.  As my mind gets crafty at times and calmly points out all that I HAVE TO DO in order to be successful.  My retreat guide gave me a simple way to distinguish the difference.  The mind wants action right now!  It actually wants it yesterday.  There is a sense of urgency and anxious pressure when the messages come from the mind.  The heart is calm, kind and has no problem waiting if necessary.  So now when I am not sure,  I listen to how my body feels.  When there is an anxious and negative undertone, I know it is my mind.  It is my responsibility to basically say thanks but no thank you.

When the heart is in the driver’s seat I explore this great land courageously with a smile on my face.   My excitement is with a child like sense of joy and wonder. I get so much more value out of a trip this way!  My mind would have me in a panic attack every time  I hike alone with the fear of bears, mountain lions and strangers.  Hell, my mind would have never allowed this trip to ever begin.   My heart is doing a pretty awesome job.  I just have to keep breathing and practice the discipline of the powerful pause.


Kristin Springfield

Rainbow bright Explorer

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I smile at the obvious signals given

I smile at the obvious signals given

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Posted on: October 15, 2015 • 0 Comments

My second day in my healing retreat I participated in a medicine wheel ceremony.  I had no idea what to expect, but excitement filled my heart the moment I arrived.

As I approach the medicine wheel, I think about creating one of these in my yard.  I giggle as I consider putting a huge one in my front yard to freak out my Danville neighbors.  Back to the ceremony, there is a burning of sage and using the smoke to cleanse any negativity before entering the wheel.  My guide explains that they usually use a different feather in the smoke cleansing, yet today there was a strong calling to use the Eagle feather which happens to be the directional feather.  You don’t say?  When I ask for some guidance on an issue or request a sign to let me know I am on the right path, an Eagle or Hawk always fly across my path.

My next direction was to enter this large medicine wheel and walk in a circle entering each of the 4 quadrants.  I was to walk around as many times as I wanted, but I was to pick one area to sit in that I was most strongly drawn to.  After a few times around I take a seat.  My guide explains that I am seated in the East quadrant that is all about new beginnings.  This area is dominated by the wind element. The wind is represented in the breath.  Much of my focus on this trip is to return to my peaceful breath.  Interesting I think.  Then he shares that each quadrant has an animal that represents that area.  The animal for the East quadrant is an Eagle.  A huge smile crosses my face as I laugh out loud followed by a great big thank you to God.  As I did ask for obvious signals.

The remainder of the ceremony continued to shed light on new beginnings.  The importance of being joyful and coming from the heart while continuing to connect to the breath.  The rest of the day was filled with meditation.  Some guided and some on top of rocks.  This experience reminds me that I am never alone and the primary relationship to focus on is the one with my self through my heart.  It is remarkable how simple life becomes in those moments when I am truly loving my self authentically.



Letting go and letting in: Flow

Letting go and letting in: Flow is visualized

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Posted on: October 14, 2015 • 0 Comments

Flow: the process of letting things go and letting things in our life.  Today was day one of a personal healing retreat in Sedona, AZ.  It included 4 parts.  All were so valuable and intense, and some are difficult to put into words.  The one by the creek about life flow was spectacular!  Follow along as I attempt to walk you through this personal spiritual experience.  Imagination is needed.  While sitting at a wonderful creek, my retreat guide asked me to do some visualizations.

First visualization was about releasing what no longer serves me in life.  I was to visualize behaviors, beliefs, and patterns I am holding onto and place each one in a separate sphere.  Visualize bringing each sphere up to my heart then allow it to roll out of my heart, down the rocks, into the water, and down the creek.  As this release occurred I was to say thank you for the things I was letting go as their purpose was done.  So in essence bring up something, put it in a ball, let it go and say thank you.

This creek and the rocks in the water represent the flow of life.  That exactly what we need flows to us and we are to let things that we are done with flow away from us.  That sounds easy enough and peaceful.  Well, I found myself laughing in the process.  My thought was to be literal and do this one item at a time.  As soon as I handed over permission for all behaviors, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve my highest good to return to the flow of the river, that’s when the flood happened.  It was like knocking over a huge container of marbles.  They just seemed like really happy marbles pouring into the water, while joyfully waving goodbye.  I was delighted as well to see these marbles go home.  I couldn’t say thank you back fast enough to each one, so I just said it to all as though they were one.  There seemed to be one heavy bowling ball sized sphere left in my heart that felt dark and heavy.  This one was reluctant to leave, for obviously I have fed this behavior for a very long time.  This one stayed around to allow me time to look at it and name it.  This final belief, behavior and pattern is called shame and unworthiness.  Once that one dropped, I felt a nano second of loss.  I have held onto that one for a long time, and have defined myself in many different ways through the belief of being unworthy and feeling shame.  Yet as that loss left more space opened for what was next.

The second visualization was about welcoming in behaviors, beliefs and patterns that will bring me peace, love and joy while on my life journey.  There was a calm flow of the water in the background.  Slowly came these large cantaloupe sized brightly colored orbs. They reminded me of bubbles that I used to blow when I was a kid.  The huge ones that only stayed full for a moment.   Yet these bubbles flowed out of the water, up the rocks and into my heart.  Remembering this was a visualization, and it was amazing to just experience this rather than over think it.  These spheres continued to grow in size and color bringing a more intense feeling of love and gratitude with each one.  I could not tell what these newly embraced gifts were exactly.  They didn’t reveal themselves as a relationship or new job.  Yet I can confidently say they are filled with love while feeling weightless in comparison to the released ones.  The last bubble was so large that it passed through the trees along the creek and rolled until it enveloped me completely.  It reminded me of the bubble that Glenda the good witch in Wizard of Oz traveled in.  This supersized 10 foot in diameter sphere felt like home in my heart.  That place where you know all things are right within and all around you.  This was the moment when the word alright separated into All Right.  No matter what I do, where I go, or who I am, the decisions made are ALL RIGHT when coming from the heart.

I imagine by the completion of day 3 I just might be levitating!


Kristin Springfield