This is it Tour 2015-2016

Womanly JourneyThis is it Tour is concluded January 30, 2016.  The purpose of this tour was to determine the next home place for Kristin.  Her goal is to find a new home place for the next 12 months.  She will be visiting Asheville, Sedona, Flagstaff and Moab on this tour.  She visited all of them on the Tree Hugging Tour and is on her way back to make the best selection.  Let’s see what healing, adventures, and love takes place on this tour.  Will she even end up at any of those places?  Or will the universe take her someplace new or keep her longer in Danville?

This is it tour begins!

Day one: Asheville arrival

Gratitude shows up in the strangest places


Asheville Pros & Cons

I surrender!

The second leg of This is it begins

Sedonaaah and it’s message

Go just a bit further

The gentle nudges from the universe

flagstaff Womanly Journey

Lessons of self investing

Grand Canyon Round 3

Washington Post Features Womanly Journey Tour

Womanly Journey in Moab

Moab Reflections

This is it tour comes to an end

New direction

2 and a half out of 3 is awesome!