First full circle assignment established

In 1994 I graduated VCU with a degree in Occupational therapy and, Sioux Falls, SD was ranked in the top 10 places to live.  I craved a fresh start to my adulthood and the beginning of a career in a new place.  I thought Sioux Falls would be a great place to meet all of those desired goals.  Life happened and I ended up in Danville, VA.  Here I am 24 years later rearranging my life.

I am entering a new chapter and decided to utilize short-term (13 weeks) traveling OT positions to assist in finding my next landing spot.  It just so happened that a position in Sioux Falls became available for the summer.  I interviewed, was offered the position and accepted on Monday.  Everything just fell into perfect place after an extended time of uncertainty.

Leaving Danville is the right thing for my soul growth.  Not having a clear plan with a temporary landing spot is frighteningly outside of my comfort zone.  Trusting recruiters in the travel industry to guide me to a great working partnership in my desired areas is challenging for a planner like me.  I left everything I know to jump fully into 90% of what I don’t.  I know how to be an OT, a good citizen, and drive.  Yet I don’t know anything about where or how to set up temporary positions all over the country while trying to discover my next landing spot to call home.  Fortunately, a connection was made within hours of contacting the recruiter meant for me at this moment.  She absolutely knocked it out of the park in getting everything in place.

Once the assignment was made, I was able to see that this experience turned out better than I ever could imagine.  My vacation time between jobs was extended by a week.  Who doesn’t want that?  The assignment fell in perfect alignment for my plans in August to return to my family.  I am able to stay out West with my dear friend longer.  Due to the location of this assignment, I am able to visit the Badlands on my way to SD.  The very best part of the travel to the assignment is that I am going to spend two days with my favorite boyfriend of all times; Jack the Jackass!  Remember him?  The donkey that loves me in Scenic, SD at the Circle View Ranch.

Living in Sioux Falls full time can be awful.  Yet I am spending the 3 very best months of the year in that magical city.  Stay tuned for wonderful adventures.  In the meantime, I plan to fully absorb all of the love and light Moab, UT has to offer.


Kristin Springfield

14 day detox

14 days later I have shed an immeasurable amount of emotional weight.  My clothes look different, my body feels better, my skin glows brighter and most importantly my spirit is lighter.  The most surprising difference is the voice of my heart is much louder!  Hot Damn, I can hear it!

Now that loss may be due to being on a life break, yet that is what a detox is all about.  You remove the toxins from your life for a period of time which allows the opportunity for your body and spirit to thrive.

Yes, the statement, “Wherever you go, there you are” is true.   This means we take our emotional garbage with us no matter where we are.  Yet another true statement is, “Location, Location, Location.”  Where I am physically makes a tremendous difference in my outlook.  Spending the last 7 days in Moab has made my heart sing.  I am catching up on my truly restful sleep in a lovely camper.  Who knows, maybe a camper will be part of my future.


Kristin Springfield

Moab Lover


I made it to The Surrender Adventure

2300 miles and 36 hours of driving later, I made it to Moab just in time for my birthday!  The past week has been dedicated to filling up my love tank from family and friends in an effort to not lose my mind after moving without a real plan on what I will do next.  This is by far the bravest thing I have done in awhile, as I have no plan on what I am doing as of April 19th.

I landed in Moab and jumped right into a hug from my favorite friend in Utah, Erin!  We met about 3 years ago when I stayed in her Airbnb during my Tree hugging tour, which was the last crazy brave thing I did.  We have been bosom buddies ever since.  This is actually my 4th time out to Moab.

As soon as I crossed the state line after taking a selfie with the sign (of course), I danced in delight!  After returning to the car and turning the radio back on, I burst into tears.  These were tears of joy and relief.  This new chapter has been a long time coming.  Love and support have shown up everywhere, as well as in the unexpected places.

I was contemplating a name for this chapter of my Womanly Journey and the only word that keeps coming up is SURRENDER!  I am surrendering my past, for I have done all the work I can with it.  It is time to set it down and move on.  I am surrendering my future to God/Universe, for I am open to new experiences that I can’t imagine possible.  I am surrendering to the present, for my goal is to be here now.

Today I turn 46.  This is the best time of my life!  Stay tuned for tales from this Surrender Adventure.


Kristin Springfield
Fabulous at 46