One month at home!



Pretty giant steps have been taken in a forward moving intention over the past month.  My house is for sale.  The need to cut property ties to Danville is needed to set my heart free.  Or at least, that is what my heart says.  I desire complete freedom.  I have aggressively gone through my “stuff” in order to lighten the physical load.  While on the trip, I lightened my heart weight.  Now it is time to do that physically.  

In that physical lightening experience I was presented with the privilege of release.  I returned a lifetime full of CDs to my first husband.  They were something I held onto with both hands.  Upon further examining that feeling, I discovered that I believed if I let the CDs go, then I’d lose the memories that were connected to all of those songs.  Nothing can ever take those beautiful memories away.  Releasing the physical CDs allowed me to gift him with something he has wanted for years.  The bonus is that I could say Merry Christmas at the same time.   He expressed gratitude and understanding that will forever be cherished.


When going through more boxes I found items of my second husband.  Now that is a bit stickier, to say the least.  My heart is healing beautifully, yet it is still sensitive.  It is kind of like a sunburn now. It is necessary to pay attention and be gentle while moving on with life, is pretty much where I am.  While putting up my beloved 1950s Aluminum Christmas tree, I found ornaments that were made by his boys when they were very young.  I cherish the ornaments made by my daughter in her early years.  I knew that I must return them to him.  I also found the infamous rock and picture from our trip to the Grand Canyon 3 years ago in a box that made absolutely no sense at first.  

The Grand Canyon trip was an incredible experience for me.  I had a reoccurring dream of seeing myself meditate on the edge of the Grand Canyon as eagles flew up from the canyon. During a trip to Vegas, my 2nd ex-husband planned a trip to the Grand Canyon.  We took a rock home and had a wonderful picture taken of us with the Eagle ridge in the background.  During my packing prior to me leaving, I apparently took the rock and picture.  He asked for them back.  I could not find them anywhere.  On occasion I have gone through a box I think it might be in, with no luck.  Well, apparently in my saddened mental state I packed them in a place I knew I would never open; the box of king sized sheets.  You see, my home is too small for a king size bed, so I would never go through that box while living here.  In my effort to lighten my load, I repacked that box more efficiently into a plastic container and located the items by accident.  Yikes, now what?  Return and release.  I returned the ornaments, rock and picture to the home I left a year ago with a card saying the rock and picture are yours to keep.  Enjoy!  Upon driving away, I felt such a wonderful heart lightening event.  


I am thankful for the loving release of something physical so I could open my heart fully to the beauty of the memories!  I love my old music!  Now I have my own solo picture at the grand canyon with an amazing rainbow by my side, and I brought home new rocks!


My Asheville adventures of the “THIS IS IT TOUR” are already showing great fun!  During my drive, I noticed a sense of peace and relaxation wash over me.  I had driven about 120 miles from home.  Apprently it takes 120 miles in the car to return to a peaceful mind and heart for me.  Today in West Asheville I visited a DVD store with the most diverse and honest labeling I have ever seen.  Great meals and great company are abundant here!  I have already been invited to a few different events Saturday night. I wonder which I will choose.  Stay tuned for the fun.


Here’s to returning and releasing!



Business meeting sheds new light!

logo pic

My plan was to meet with a business consultant to guide me through a potential new business set up.  I was delighted to spend time learning that I don’t need to do any new business.  Yet this man seemed to understand my situation so quickly.  He asked me the simple question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  My immediate response is “I want to write, travel, write more and speak to people about going for what they wanted!”  His response was perfect and simple, “Then do that.”   I share that I don’t want to work full time for anyone else.  He says, “Then don’t. You will need to bring in revenue while focusing on writing.  Yet, you can do this!”


Another friend asks me another perfect question, “In five years from now, If you could do anything and make money doing it, what would it be?”  I’d write for my blog and other blogs, write books and speak about the journey.  I want this journey of mine to help others.  Please don’t make all the years of confusion and pain be for nothing.  Let this experience be of benefit others in some positive way!  

My desire to move from Danville is to create a different life experience.  I am grateful for all of my 21 years in Danville.  I created a family twice and loved the family friendly environment of the town.  It was a wonderful place to begin my career as an Occupational Therapist.  I have found some amazing friends in Danville that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Thank you Danville for 21 years of adult life.  It is time to create a new life someplace new.  I am simply not sure when or where I will find that place.  My home is for sale and is on the look out for the very best next owner.  


Stay tuned for a website rebuild to include an ebook about the Tree Hugging Tour!



Kristin Springfield

High school Joy

Mel and me

My BFF in high school and I finally caught up with each other after 20 years! Life sends you on an adventure and it may never bring you back to a place where you meet up with friends from your youth. Over the past 4 months, I have been fortunate enough to meet up with 7 amazing women from my past. Melanie Johnson holds a special place in my heart. We became friends in the 8th grade and were mostly inseparable for the next 5 years.

Our fun in high school was before cell phones, internet and ITunes. Therefore, we made up our own version of fun. Actually all teens did then. We were masters at creating mix tapes. The songs were ordered to heighten the evening and provide maximum singing opportunity.

At that time in life we actually wanted to leave home even it was to just drive around playing loud music. Melanie and I were bad and smoked in those days as well. Therefore, we had to get out of the house in order to smoke and avoid getting in trouble. Come the weekends we were in search for the amazing teenage party that was portrayed on all of the movies. To this day we have yet to attend one of those parties, but we were determined to keep looking!

The crazy nights of our teen lives consisted of driving for hours, smoking, singing, and stopping repeatedly at routine spots. There were a few places where what seemed like hundreds of teens would meet up to discuss where this potential epic party might actually be. I feel bad for the people who worked at the McDonald’s and Burger King that were in our driving circuit. There was a rule to deter such loitering something must be purchased for you to be in their restaurant. We were poor high school students and would get around that with the order of one small fry for 20 people. The teens would inevitably be asked to leave and off we would go. The next stop was a street that connected two neighborhoods. It was about a quarter of a mile long and we would line both sides of the streets with cars. Again, no cell phones meant you had to actually get out of the cars and talk to each other. I remember in the winter it would be freezing, but we did not care. The girls spent hours fixing their hair and makeup just perfect for the evening. We wanted to be seen no matter how cold it was. There would be huddles of people talking and trying to stay warm while looking beautiful smoking cigarettes. I just laugh looking back now! It would not be long before either we would be asked to leave by the police or it was too cold to stay outside any longer. Back in the car and off to the Burger King or McDonald’s. This loop continued almost like an endurance race. Eventually people would get tired, run out of songs to sing, or curfew would approach. This routine was repeated for years! I often wonder how many miles and gallons of gas just my graduating class used those last 2 years of high school.

Next weekend, I will be back at my parent’s house and will meet up with Melanie. Only this time we have a plan. She is to get a playlist together and I am to devise our driving route. Except now after listening to a few songs driving around we can actually go have a glass of wine at the end and laugh about our youthful version of fun! Stay tuned for pictures of this version of a journey.