The power of red sparkle

Red sparkle is my very favorite color.  Seeing it makes my heart smile.  As silly as that sounds, it is true.  My daughter, Kenzie, loved the color when she was a little girl more than I ever could.  She wore red sparkle shoes every single day from the moment she started walking until middle school.  We all remember what it was like to be in middle school with the power of what other people think.  Unfortunately, that is when the tradition of red sparkle shoes went into retirement.

After returning home from a road trip, I go through a period of making space in my house and attic.  I continue to focus on lightening my load in order to make moving easier in the future.  My favorite thing to collect in life is tax receipts from Goodwill.  I found myself in the attic over the weekend going through boxes when I found the infamous red sparkle shoes.

Watching Kenzie as a child dance, run and play through life in those shoes were the highlights of motherhood.  Stumbling upon the shoes in a box reminded me of those wonderful days and made my heart sing and dance.  This discovery brought me back to a place in time when I lived with a magical dancing free spirited little girl who loved red sparkle shoes no matter what others thought!

Upon examination of the shoes, the stories of life lived in them is told in the way they were worn.  Most have very little sparkle left on the toes due to playground adventures.  Some have mud on them from hiking.  For what proud girl does not hike in mud in her favorite shoes.  I actually remember a time when one shoe was almost lost to a mud pit.  Others have worn out heels from sliding into base in gym.  Yet all of them were worn with the intent to squeeze every ounce of joy out of each moment.  I want to do all of those things within the spirit of my life!  Let’s all wear the glitter off our toes, have marks of mud and adventures all over our bodies, while sliding into the later stages of life by the edges of our heels.  An amazing a life we would all have.

Thank you, Kenzie, for being you and reminding us to live life in such a magical way!


Kristin Springfield
Red Sparkle Lover

Same goal in new places

Montana is on fire and parts of Glacier National Park are evacuating.  That is awful for many reasons.  During my Tree Hugging Tour 2 years ago, Montana held a special place in my heart.  Actually it made it to my top five places to move to, and is number one place for me once the hot flashes begin in my life.  This road trip (Love Myself a Bit More Tour) was to peak in Montana at Bowman Lake.  On my last day of work before this road trip, I joked with my coworkers to check on my whereabouts on September 17th.  That was the day when my original schedule had me turning around to head home.  My heart wondered if I’d simply stay in Montana or keep driving toward the West Coast.

Due to circumstances out of my control, I will not be traveling further West than Spearfish, SD.  My goal at the planning of this trip was to walk in Nature and spend time with God.  I felt very close to those two things when I was in Montana in 2015.  Apparently this trip I will be meeting Nature and God in brand new places.  New areas of South Dakota, Illinois, and Kentucky have been added to my 2017 tour along with a return to Western North Carolina.

Today I explored for the first time, Turkey Run State Park nestled in Indiana.  It just so happens to be the middle point between the homes of my brothers.  This park is filled with trees that grow right out of rocks.  The message of these trees were, “I have shown you that growth can happen absolutely anywhere!  Here I thrive on this rock ledge.  You decide to thrive. Your physical situation does not determine that.” I smiled looking heavenward while silently saying,  “I hear you.”

Kristin Springfield
Choosing to thrive

Almost there

I am almost there with regards to many things in life.  Graduation from yoga teacher training is in 2 weeks.  After 7 months of intense training, I am almost there.  The I Love Me (a little bit more) Tour consisting of a month long road trip to Montana begins in 3 weeks, I am almost there.

Two years ago when I first set forth on the epic 3 month, 11,000 mile road trip I called the Tree Hugging Tour, I had several goals in mind.  One of those goals was to find my home. The Universe has a way of working things out.  I discovered that I love my little home in the small town I have lived in for over 20 years.  As I settle in to calling Danville Home, I realize that I am almost there.  New reasons show up that open my heart o the awareness of already being home.

The journey of yoga teacher training reawakened some of my earlier life intentions.  The primary one is the desire to live from the inside out.  Releasing attachment to what an outcome needs to look like while striving to not take things personally is a worthy challenge.  I am loved more than I can possibly grasp.  So are you.  There have been many times over the last 7 months when I have touched the awareness of great love.  Sitting in meditation, quietly walking in the woods and holding hands continue to open my kaleidoscope heart to the power of Great Love.

I look forward to my upcoming tour.  It will mini version of my 2015 trip.  Yet this time, I am not searching for anything outside of me.  I am looking forward to spending that time with my highest self, Mother Nature and God.  I am almost there!


Kristin Springfield
Yogi (almost)