I remember:

I remember:

  1. The Universe does a much better job than I do with picking people
    • I have spent a great deal of time on apps in an effort to connect and meet new people. In doing so, I have met great ones, yet have not met “my person”.  There have been plenty of first dates that produced some of the funniest stories of my life.  My brothers continue to remind me that I will meet the best people while I am doing things I enjoy.  This extended time off proved that to be true.  It turns out the Universe does a much better job with putting higher quality people in my path when I do the things I love.   I did not meet “My person”, however, I did meet some incredible folks without so much work.
  2. Dancing frees my soul
    • It has been a LONG time since I have been out dancing.  Doing so in Moab is different for me.  We dress however we want, ride our bikes, and tear up the dance floor like no one is watching.  I was able to keep in mind that people really don’t care what you are doing during our nights of dancing.  It was the most fun I have had in months.  I danced so much that I sweat like I was in a hot yoga class.  The smile on my face was an outward expression of the joy in my soul!
  3. Rollerskating outside in Moab is fun with a breathtaking view of the sunset
    • As a young girl, I roller skated as often as possible.  I skated in the basement, on freshly paved streets and the roller rink.  To this day, whenever I see a newly paved street, I want to skate on it.  In Moab, monthly they have an outdoor rink event.  This is the perfect blend of all my youthful skating; outside, slick concrete and in a rink.  My inner child is in bliss as we spin around wearing classic skates!
  4. Submerge yourself into rushing water with the intent to LET IT GO, and wait for the incredible release!
    • Every time I come to visit Erin in Moab, she shares a new area with me.  This visit was all about waterfalls and submerging yourself in them with a specific purpose.  I focused on letting go of what no longer serves me and creating space for what is in my highest good to flow to me.  Every moment in the water brought me to the present.  When I focus on the present moment, the past and the future not only don’t matter, they don’t exist.  I struggle to stay in that mental place, but when I do, it is spectacularly freeing!
  5. Hiking barefoot connects me to earth in a sensational way
    • The majority of the hikes during this visit were completed barefoot for a variety of reason. Walking in water, on the sand, and over large rocks pretty much demand you to remove your shoes.  Walking barefoot encourages me to slow down, take mindful steps and breathe.  It was exactly what I needed to experience repeatedly during this break!
  6. Biking all around town is even more fun with a friend
    • The fabulous bike from Sioux Falls with streamers and saddle bags was thoroughly enjoyed in Moab as well.  Riding all over this town with Erin proved to be even more fun! Late night rides under the stars added a new element to the joy of biking I had not expected.
  7. I love living with a kind, generous, considerate, loving, funny and adventurous spirit!  Thank you, Erin, for creating a Moab home for Journey and me!
    • I head to my next assignment with the intent to connect with the optimal family for Journey and me to thrive.  I trust the Universe completely to put exactly who I need to connect with in my path.

Here’s to Letting all that does not serve me,


Hitting the road…Again!

I will be hitting the road again soon!  It will be almost exactly 2 years since my Tree Hugging Tour when I settle back into my car.  This trip will be only a month long rather than three months.  My heart and soul are so happy! The main events scheduled are hugging trees, walking in the woods, visiting a few National Parks, and spending time with new and old friends.  I stayed in some wonderful Airbnb places on my first trip, and am fortunate enough to be returning to two places I visited in 2015.  Honestly, I hope to be kissed by Jack (the ass) one more time.  Here is one of my posts from 2015  when the Universe provided exactly what I asked for.  Enjoy a trip down memory lane:

Be aware of what you ask for

Posted on: September 23, 2015

We have all heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”  That sounds a bit threatening with a bit of doom in it.  So I am switching it up .  How about, “Be aware of what you are asking for, as it will show up in unexpected ways.”  Being aware is similar to being conscious.  Pay attention to your intention and ask from your heart.  Then allow the universe to bring it to you.  On this journey I have set the intention to be present and aware.  With all that being said, obviously, that is not possible for me to do that all the time.  Hell, I am distracted and trying to release my panic about the future while taking in the beauty of each moment.

During one of my long driving days, I found myself missing male companionship.  Offhandedly I said out loud that I would really like a kiss from a male.  Notice the word choice, male.  I didn’t think anything of it, as that is not going to happen along this trip, or so I thought.  I continued to a cabin in South Dakota.  The property is beautiful, so I set out on a walk down to the river.  I had heard there were donkeys on the property, yet hadn’t seen them.  Along my walk the donkeys magically appeared.  One male and two females.  Guess which one came right up to me?  Yep, the male.  Of course I didn’t think anything of it.  After I pet the donkey, I went on to finish my walk. Sitting by the river and meditating my mind finally quieted.  Upon my return journey, I spotted the donkey clan again.  I stopped to pet them again. The only one interested was the male.  I was rubbing the space between his ears, realizing that is exactly what I am doing for myself along this trip, rubbing the space between my ears.  All of a sudden the donkey raises its head and kisses me.

Yep, I was kissed by an ass!  He is way cuter and more loving than any of the asses that have kissed me in the past!  At the moment I realized that I just received what I had asked for less than 4 hours before, I burst into tears.  Then I laughed!  How many times have I received what I asked for and just failed to recognize it?  Oh, probably a million.  Clearly, I need to pay attention to what I am asking for and what shows up.

After the ass named, Jack, kissed me he followed me around until I left.  When I walked up to the cabin he ran after me.  When I was sitting on the screened in porch talking with another guest, we looked up to see his butt in the window.  I went outside to find him waiting for me.  The next morning on my walk to the main house for breakfast, I met Jack (ass) and shared more kissing and love.  I have to laugh at the realization I was kissed by an ass.  I am done kissing asses in the human form.  It is not worth it, and too painful in the end.  I’d rather have a loving donkey.  Fortunately, I don’t have to do that either!

I laugh about the speed in which I received what I asked for.  I realized that I needed to be specific and aware of when asking.  Do I really want to be kissed?  Sometimes, but that is not it entirely.  What I want is to be truly connected at a loving level with myself.  True companionship has to start within me.  I need first to be compassionate, forgiving and loving to myself.  Then and only then will the people I need to further grow with show up.  So, I put out there my intention to connect with all the parts of myself in a loving and compassionate way. Yet more male animals have shown up to give kisses.

Let’s review all the kindness I have received from males over the past few states.  South Dakota brought me Jack(ass).  A sweet grey and white young male who followed me around after I rubbed in between his ears.  Idaho brought Derk, the Great Dane.  He surprised me with kissing me immediately as I was sitting on the couch.  I turned my head to talk with Hostel Beth and there he was looking right at me, eye to eye.  Before I could scream from surprise he kissed me!  Upon returning to the hostel after a long walk, I spotted something ahead.  I stopped the car to get a better look, for I wasn’t sure if it was a person or a deer.  Nope, it was Derk.  He took off running toward the car.  I opened the window and smooch!  He followed me down the driveway and into the house. It was authentic love!

Montana presented my white horse and Great Pyrenees. A kiss Sunday night from the horse and one Monday morning from the dog.  Oh, and the horse farts every time he coughs.  I laugh out loud every time I hear it, because farts are funny!   This is so interesting and wonderful.   All of the males are safe! None will break my heart.  There will be no shared bank accounts, property purchasing, kid raising, or harsh words.  Perfection!  I wonder what else is to show up along this journey.

It is funny how the universe shows up!  I am certainly paying attention to what I am asking for and what shows up.

Namaste with a smile,

Kristin Springfield